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Still no modem

It's been an experience having limited access to the computer right now.
We have a wireless adapter and there is an unsecured network we can link thru, but not only do we have to share the adapter between two computers, I don't feel safe surfing an unsecure network.
Order a modem off Ebay, it was the wrong one... never let a man do a woman's job, eh? lol .. We did find the exact model so it's just a matter of when it'll be here.
In the meantime, more time for me to use PSP woohoo!! I have some lace frames that I added ribbon too and decorated up that I'll be sharing, a rainbow of bows, two more kits , one has a wine theme and I'm really happy how it came out, plus just did an add on for it too!
and WOW 122 downloads of the pink/mauve kit ~~ ( I don't know what to call it sorry - any suggestions? )
Only 14 ..or 17 comments, something like that.. yeah I know, see that all the time with others files too. I just wish they took 3 second while waiting for the file to load , just to say thanks... oh well ♥



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