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Thank you to those who stayed on my email list-thanks to those who still stop by. After surgery late last summer ,then buying a home in the fall, remodeling it through the winter, moving in March ..and still working on remodeling too, plus my computer died on me in the new year too.. as you can tell I have not been around. My apologies for not keeping up on the blog or the links - my 4shared account is gone due to no activity. So sorry if you're trying to find my kits. Every thing is backed up but I will not be able to re-establish links until my computer is fixed.Since remodeling takes precedent , it's still going to be a little while. .. but.. hubby doesn't care much for sharing his computer
At the latest, when the weather gets cold again, you WILL find me here.
Hopefully I'll have photoshop and PSP back up by then too.
Thanks again to the loyal email followers, and apologies again to those stopping by. Check back in the fall ;)
Until then- considering how hard times are now, I hope everyone is surviving life !!

( actually , I just tried a link and it worked... so ..maybe they are still there.?)

PLEASE remember: these kits and/or elements are for PSP Taggers and are NOT meant for regular Layouts. They are 600x600 200dpi PNG files. Thank you ♥

I FINALLY got some mojo... but it still took alot of energy.
Let me know what you think because I'm not that
confident if I really did get my creative spark

Here is a kit in time for halloween. Enjoy


can't really see it all on the preview...
Kit includes:
A ghost,Corner web,a Pumpkin ,
a Skull and cross bones,a paperclip
a gothic swirly frame
a Happy Halloween "stamp" ( I guess you call it that) ,
Word art- "Evil wants candy too"
2 single candies, 2 candies with ribbons,
2 'batty' tags,
3 papers, 3 glittered swirls,
3 bows with jewels,
3 ribbons with small bows

Download HERE

There is an award that I received (2x's). While I appreciate that someone likes my site enough to give it to me.....( at least I hope that was it, and not just randomly givin because the list had to be filled? ) once is enough please.
I say that because it's like a chain letter where you have to list and pass the "award" to several other sites. It is a nice gesture to help promote sites
If anyone wants me to promote their site, I would LOVE to put your link on the right, where all visitors can see it, all the time. For those who have added me to their links list, I am equally as flattered ~ thank you.
Everyone likes to have awards on their site, but please understand,
please don't give me any messages that are like 'chain mail' .... I'm not trying to be ungrateful. Given the condition I'm in health wise, and how busy things are at the moment, I really don't have time for chain mail;I'm sorry.
Just drop your URL in a message and I'll add you. I appreciate everyone who enjoys this site. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Thank you for all the people who have subscribed to my blog. Just to let you all know, since it's been almost two months, I haven't forgotten you all. Two weeks ago I had the neck/spine surgery in philadelphia and am still healing.It will take about a month or so before I feel a little more normal. Yesterday was my birthday too, what a way to spend it- still sore and unable to sleep. It's very uncomfortable trying to find a position I can sleep in other then sitting up and with the neck brace on. Since they took bone from my hip to do the fusion, I walk funny as well - that is very sore.
I look forward to getting back in the saddle and making some new kits soon, please be patient with me. Thank you!!

Thank you

Just a quick thank you to everyone who left comments- here and on 4shared. Especially on 4shade because a few of you wished me well about my back troubles and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank you.

I hope it will be better soon as well. Next Monday I head to Philadelphia to meet with a surgeon. I am getting the two worst damaged discs operated on. I have too many damaged to operate on all of them but this should help alieviate some of the pain..... I hope....

Thank you to everyone for the wonderful compliments on the kit- I'm glad you all liked it.

PLEASE remember: these kits and/or elements are for PSP taggers.They are not meant for regular layouts. all files 600x600, 200dpi, PNG format Thank you ♥

Sorry it's been so long. My spine injury unfortunately is worsening and with the increase in pain , I can not spend as much time at the computer as I would like to.

I finally was able to do a kit- It's a mini kit to me, because it's not quite as much as I usually put in the
Hope you all enjoy this freebie.

Preview is smaller then actual size.


kit contains:
4 papers- blue jean, purple jean, purple pattern, green shades pattern
1 wood frame
1 round jean frame
1 bottle cap- with "forever in blue jeans " words
1 glass dangle charm filled with beads
1 Jean pocket filled with flowers
1 paperclip
1 jean ribbon with gems
3 single gems, silver, bluem purple
2 bows- green and purple
3 knotted ribbons, green, blue,purple
3 lace roses, white, blue ,green
3 buttons, wood, blue, purple
2 fabric flowers- one large in purple one smaller in blue
2 fabric flowers apliques- one large, one smaller

Download HERE

PLEASE remember: these kits and/or elements are in PSP file format and are NOT meant for regular Layouts. They are for PSP taggers. Thank you ♥

Thank you everyone who has left such wonderful comments. I appreciate it.

Today I have some more frames with some frilly accents.It's in honor of my new kit that will be available at Artistic Minds Inc shortly. Hope you like them. There is also a bonus: a multi-color glitter swirl I was playing around with.
And of course previews are smaller then actual size.

The Frames


The Glitter

down load HERE

PLEASE remember: these kits and/or elements are in PSP file format and are NOT meant for regular Layouts. They are for PSP taggers. Thank you ♥

Sorry it's been a while. We've been busy with the art gallery and art show. I've also renewed my love for crafts by delving back into regular scrapping and altered books. Even pulled out my watercolors and have been doing ACEO's- art trading cards-. There is another art show in May we'll be part of as well. In the mean time I've decided to gather up bits and pieces and offer those up rather then try to pull it all together into a kit.... of course.... I may squeeze in a freebie kit as well.
I'ts MAY MADNESS - so keep your eyes peeled for bits and pieces!

Today I have a lace frame intertwinded with ribbon accented with a flower and key cluster.
There are THREE frames -
a white lace with blue ribbon, a blue lace with blue ribbon and a pruple lace with purple ribbon.
** Preview is much smaller the the actual size **
These are in PNG format so they can be used in other graphic programs as well.
Thanks for everyone's patience!!
Enjoy!! ! hugs Flirty

Download HERE


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