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Hello PSP Sig Taggers

I added feedblitz to the bottom of the page , so now anyone can subscribe to this blog and know when I have posted new freebies.
It is set to read posts labeled freebies and supposed to ignore the idle chit chat stuff too.

Thank you to
I 've been having several visitors coming from your site. I appreciate the love♥

Sorry I didn't put a link up though, as I saw the forum is closed at the moment and not taking any more members.

IF any sig tag makers come by here,I'm thinking of making a tag gallery to showcase sig tags made with my scrap bits.If anyone would like to email your tags, I would love to see what you create. The email addy is to the right.
Thank you.

I do have two more kits ready and some scrap element packs to share,but again, with the stupid modem issue not sorted yet, well, it's not making life easy trying to get these to you since I can't get online from my computer.

I am working on a St.Pats kit right now too! Check Back Soon!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Feedblitz is not working, so I can't sign up  


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