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There is an award that I received (2x's). While I appreciate that someone likes my site enough to give it to me.....( at least I hope that was it, and not just randomly givin because the list had to be filled? ) once is enough please.
I say that because it's like a chain letter where you have to list and pass the "award" to several other sites. It is a nice gesture to help promote sites
If anyone wants me to promote their site, I would LOVE to put your link on the right, where all visitors can see it, all the time. For those who have added me to their links list, I am equally as flattered ~ thank you.
Everyone likes to have awards on their site, but please understand,
please don't give me any messages that are like 'chain mail' .... I'm not trying to be ungrateful. Given the condition I'm in health wise, and how busy things are at the moment, I really don't have time for chain mail;I'm sorry.
Just drop your URL in a message and I'll add you. I appreciate everyone who enjoys this site. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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