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Thank you to those who stayed on my email list-thanks to those who still stop by. After surgery late last summer ,then buying a home in the fall, remodeling it through the winter, moving in March ..and still working on remodeling too, plus my computer died on me in the new year too.. as you can tell I have not been around. My apologies for not keeping up on the blog or the links - my 4shared account is gone due to no activity. So sorry if you're trying to find my kits. Every thing is backed up but I will not be able to re-establish links until my computer is fixed.Since remodeling takes precedent , it's still going to be a little while. .. but.. hubby doesn't care much for sharing his computer
At the latest, when the weather gets cold again, you WILL find me here.
Hopefully I'll have photoshop and PSP back up by then too.
Thanks again to the loyal email followers, and apologies again to those stopping by. Check back in the fall ;)
Until then- considering how hard times are now, I hope everyone is surviving life !!

( actually , I just tried a link and it worked... so ..maybe they are still there.?)



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