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Thank you

I appreciate the comments here and on the 4shared account. It's wonderful to know you're all enjoying the kits.♥

If you mak anything from them, I would love to see it. You can also send tags to my email as I would love to do a slide show gallery showing off what people have made.

Do you make freebie scraps for taggers??
If so ,email me or leave your link in a comment and
I will add it to my site for you.

TUTORIAL WRITERS : You may use the scrap pieces for your tut sites but DO NOT INCLUDE THE KITS OR ITEMS FROM KITS ,ETC in your supplies.Instead -refer people to my blog to get the kits. DO NOT DIRECT LINK TO MY 4SHARED either!
I have no intention of removing the current 4shared links or any new ones I add.

FYI -If you're a tagger then you know about Pay-to-use/license companies. One of my friends had been part of the ground work for Artistic Minds Inc.This is the company I got my hun, Duane, the photographer signed with as well. He has been there over a year. In the beginning AMI had been looking for scrappers/scrap kits geared toward psp tag makers. They have always sold element packs.
My intentions of this blog was to share the things I have previously made and eventually go into a store if they were well received AND Join AMI.It seems that scrap kits seem to be the "new" thing with license companies (even though it's not new)and it's become the perfect time to join AMI.
I have the contract already and just need to finalize everything to make it official. So, I'm giving everyone a heads up on this. Don't fret- I will continue to make elements and mini kits for freebies as well.

I can only hope this will be met with support and not bashing.These kits and elements take alot of time and work to make. Without giving the whole sob story, just know my hun and I are trying every thing we can to make ends meet.Times are tough and everyone is fighting their own battles. We enjoy the things we do and if that can work to help keep our home , all the better.
I will not forget the importance of freebies or loyal fans. I have several resources generoulsy shared to help make these scrap kits that are NOT for commercial use. Because I enjoy using these, you will all still benefit :D
Thanks again for the wondeful comments and support.



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