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Welcome to Flirtatious Creations

"Flirtatious Creations" is a name I started to use when making backgrounds for MSN groups and html sets for web pages. I enjoy making signature tags. You'll find my watermark of "Flirtatious Tag" on anything I made. I have since ventured into making digi scrap kits and elements (inspired by Melissa of Scrappy Expressions :D .) There are two scrap kits right now hosted on a PSP tutorial site I have with my friends.
With the closing of Melissa's group, I figured it was a good idea to finally start this blog- a thought I've had for a long time. <>
My first two scrap kits can be found at under resources - look for Flirty's scrap kits. PLEASE FOLLOW TERMS OF USE.
I have a third kit I finished and never released as well as some other bits and pieces I was working on. The biggest trouble I have is finding the time to do this.... I hope anyone who happens by will be patient with me but continue to come back and visit.
Most of my time is spent here :

Hope to see you around.....


TUTORIAL WRITERS : You may use the scrap pieces for your tut sites but DO NOT INCLUDE THE KITS OR ITEMS FROM KITS ,ETC in your supplies.Instead -refer people to my blog to get the kits. DO NOT DIRECT LINK TO MY 4SHARED either!I have no intention of removing the current 4shared links or any new ones I add.



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